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Banking on ESBs for agility, more value added services

The once staid and steady field of banking is looking for greater agility in rolling out new software and services. As a result, Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) are being deployed as part of efforts to streamline operations. By way of example there is Federal Bank of Bombay, India.

The large commercial bank will be using the Fiorano ESB in an attempt to modernize its operations, according to Fiorano. Before deploying the Fiorano ESB, Federal Bank was already using over 30 retail banking related applications from various vendors, including Infosys’ Core banking platform FINACLE, running on mixture of hardware including IBM AIX servers. The bank’s deployment of the Fiorano ESB is part of a further plan to expand the number of value added services available to its customers.

In a statement, K.P. Sunny, head of IT at Federal Bank, explained that the Fiorano ESB was chosen due to its “architectural simplicity which allows the Bank to put in place a flexible architecture that will scale linearly and allow business decisions to be speedily implemented at the IT level.”

The bank hopes the choice will result in savings in maintenance of their current integration code, as well as increased reliability and security.  The ESB is expected to power deployment of out a variety of value added services through multiple delivery channels. Those channels include ATMs, kiosks, hand-held devices, mobile and Web. -Stephanie Mann

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