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Big data tackles cold pizza, or Real-time gets real

Like ”cloud” before it, ”big data” is a nebulous term veiling some actual trends. Google and Amazon have been startling online successes, and much of their achievement seems to stem from massive amounts of Web-based data that they deftly correlate to create powerful views of the customer.  Some people see the big data tent coming to cover sports marketing, pizza delivery and more.

But it is not just data at rest that is in question. The need for big data in motion is growing, viewers claim. For its part, middleware stalwart Tibco sees big data, coupled with event processing and fast messaging, as a route to greater market penetration.

“We kind of own the big data problem as it relates to real-time events,” Tibco’s Vivek Ranadive told on a recent call. He maintains that even common tasks like pizza delivery – granted, for national chains – will be affected by big data. “When customers inadvertently get cold pizza, the company can pick that up,” and make things better with a free pizza, a coupon or what have you.

“When you think about big data, it is about running twenty-first-century risk. The planet needs an ‘eventing’ platform,” said Ranadive, author of “The Power of Now” (1999) and “The Two-Second Advantage” (2011).

The Tibco event architecture plays a role in a recent user story on Our site recently profiled shipping giant OOCL’s Matt Rosen who shows how challenging markets can be, and how pivotal well-managed technology is in addressing those markets.

Shipping companies were in a tough bind when the 2008 downturn struck, and the going was not easier when recession hit big European markets. OOCL’s performance outpaced competitors, and in some significant part due to Rosen’s application development team, which better enabled efficient business processes for the global shipper.

Among a host of technologies Rosen’s OOCL crew employed was an event processing engine from Tibco Software. OOCL’s habitat – the shipping industry – is among those that advanced middleware maker Tibco is counting on to take it beyond its Wall Street techno roots. – Jack Vaughan

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