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Bringing open standards to the ESB with Progress Sonic 8.0

Progress Software’s Sonic ESB 8.0 came out today and the product has come to embrace a number of open standards. Most notably, Sonic now supports a “RESTful” approach to integration. The company also added some managed provisioning and scalability features, allowing users to model possible runtime environments in a sandbox to check for dependencies and issues before deployment.

The move to open standards means being able to use Eclipse instead of proprietary APIs, said Jonathan Daly, product marketing manager, integration infrastructure, Progress Software.

“Now you can have handle the total application lifecycle in the same tooling environment,” said Daly. “So moving something from design to testing to production is much more streamlined.”

Specifically, Sonic now supports JAX-RS, JAX-WS, SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, JSON, and Spring (among others). It no doubt helps Progress’ case to let users integrate the Sonic ESB into their architectures with many of the same standards used in open source development. With something like an ESB, which many consider the “backbone of SOA,” avoiding vendor lock-in is always welcome.

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