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Browser War: Beneath the Chrome is the Gears

Patrick Mueller is a CTO Team person at IBM Rational. He also is a heck-of-a blogger. His take on Chrome is of interest because he goes right straight to the asychronous messaging model implcit in the Gears implmentation at the heart of the Google Chrome browser

One of the downers, for most people, with the current WorkerPool APIs, is going to be the message sending paradigm. It’s pretty low-level and raw. The great thing is that asynchronous message sends are a type of atomic building block upon which other forms of IPC can easily be built. The QNX operating system is famously built up on this core concept, slightly expanded.

He discusses building an RPC-styled worker mechanism in a blog entry called Fun with WorkerPools. Don’t miss it, because the story includes a web service known as the Pirate Speak Translator.

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