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Bruce Silver on BPMN

We have heard the story of aligning IT and development before, haven’t we? That the story is told over and over does not make it a bad story per se. Some stories bear retelling. If the details change over time, that is helpful.

I mention this while perusing one of the more useful BPM-related blogs. That is Bruce Silver’s BPMS Watch. There have been significant changes in BPM in recent years, and a new notations for workflow description are among them. Silver’s site, and his accompanying columns for the cover this and other ground quite well.

Recently Silver wrote about BPMN as ‘the first serious attempt to provide a common visual language for process description shared by business and IT.’ Well, I don’t know. Journalists very seldom call something the ‘first’ of anything. It is a sure way to get mail from an irate someone who built something before someone else. But irate mail’s a good thing, especially on the blogosphere, so I will let this stand, although I’d have to add that I did hear UML described this way more than once upon a time.

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