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Caught in a sea of SaaS

Over on her ebizQ blog, Krissi Danielsson has noted that the buzzword success of Software as a Service (SaaS) has spawned numerous aaS imitators, including Data, Architecture and Voice all “as a Service.” In his ZDNet blog, Phil Wainewright added that aaS is redundant because the very function of business is to provide services.

It’s about time some sane, responsible folks pointed out that we’re heading into buzzword overkill with “as a service.” Yet we’d be remiss if we didn’t have some irresponsible fun with aaS before it becomes yesterday’s catchphrase.

For instance, here’s a list of software possibilities that still haven’t had their aaSes handed to them:

  • Hidden License Fees as a Service (HLFaaS)
  • Stovepipe Application Sprawl as a Service (SASaaS)
  • Integration Spaghetti as a Service (ISaaS)
  • Every Vendor Insures Lock-in as a Service (EVILaaS)
  • Must Upgrade to the Expensive Enterprise Version If You Want It to Scale as a Service (MUttEEVIYWItSaaS)
  • Rogue Services as a Service (RSaaS)

Also, as we all know fortune cookie proverbs are made infinitely better by adding ‘in bed” at the end. Let’s try that with “as a service.”

  • Count your blessings by thinking of those whom you love … as a service.
  • Plan for many pleasures ahead … as a service.
  • Something you lost will soon turn up … as a service.
  • Good things are being said about you … as a service.
  • Fame, riches and romance are yours for the asking … as a service.
  • A friend asks only of your time … as a service.
  • Romance comes into your life this year in a very unusual sort of way … as a service.
  • Stop and smell the roses … as a service.
  • Someday you shall see a wise person in the mirror … as a service.
  • He who shows too much cheek to a lady may have it slapped … as a service.

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