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Chicago-based legacy migration company lowers IT costs for Portugal's Ministry of Justice

IBM Information Management Systems (IBM IMS) mainframes are a proven high-volume platform for transaction and data processing. Most Fortune 1000 companies are still running business critical applications on this type of mainframe, despite high maintenance costs and dwindling availability of skilled IBM IMS administrators. Clerity Solutions would like to see that situation changed. At the upcoming Gartner AADI Summit, Clerity – a Chicago-based provider of mainframe migration products – will be showcasing a new technique (which has already shown results for Portugal’s Ministry of Justice)  intended to modernize IBM IMS mainframes. 

Migrating applications from IBM IMS mainframes over to newer open systems requires mainframe compatible transaction capabilities. Developers can continue to program within familiar IBM IMS constructs or move to newer frameworks as they see fit.

According to Clerity’s press release, mainframe migration has already saved the IT Department of the Ministry of Justice (ITIJ) in Portugal an estimated 95% on annual operating expenses. ITIJ had already moved many of their operations over to open systems servers, but two mission-critical applications still ran on the IBM IMS style mainframe. These two applications alone were costing the ITIJ approximately 1.45 million Euros per year. By decommissioning the mainframe, ITIJ dramatically lowered costs while simultaneously increasing systems flexibility.

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