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Cloud Computing Modeling Notation (CCMN) for SOMF targets cloud services

Experienced SOA services developers are in a good position to make the leap to cloud computing services, but they may need new modeling tools and methods along the way. You can count modeling notations for cloud among such tools.

With cloud architectural efforts in mind, services modeling house Methodologies Corp. has included specs for a Cloud Computing Modeling Notation (CCMN) in version 2.1 of the Service Oriented Modeling Framework (SOMF 2.1). Methodologies Founder Michael Bell and his team are, in effect, looking to bring the service modeling traits of SOMF to the would-be cloud designer.

“The goal is to not tie in with EC2 or Azure or whatever,” said Bell.  “The specific cloud does not really matter as long as you see a service as a holistic entity. ”

Such services entities can be made to include most kinds of software artifacts, according to Bell. “Even a stored procedure or a Java class can be handled as a service,” he said.

Notations like this soon may be important capabilities, given the high chances today’s cloud computing plan can inadvertently turn into a hard-wired implementation strongly connected to a specific cloud vendor’s proprietary architecture.

In a manner, the drive to create definable cloud services mirrors the original drive of services modeling, which looked to describe Web services at a higher level of abstraction than that provided by WSDL. As with Web services, enterprise architects do not want to define cloud services at too low a level. Software models help.

“Don’t forget the underlying best practices of SOA – usability, expense reductions, interoperability. Cloud should play a big role in addressing these same challenges,” noted Bell.

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