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Cloud computing influences mashups and middleware - but midrange legacy won't move soon

Last week on James Denman published a podcast interview with mashup expert Michael Ogrinz, author of “Mashup Patterns.” Naturally, they spoke about enterprise mashups, but with a twist. James and Michael hit on the apparent fit between mashups and cloud computing as well as Software as a Service (SaaS).

Cloud computing was also front and center at last week’s IBM Impact 2011 event in Las Vegas. IBM announced moves to streamline provisioning of middleware images on cloud nodes. This is an important step. The first cloud applications, with some notable exceptions, were pretty much straightforward number crunching apps — one-trick ponies, if you will. But, increasingly, the apps on the cloud will come to mirror the complexity of “apps on the ground,” ones that use sophisticated middleware. Read all about it in our Impact 2011 show story.

Clearly, the cloud was out in force last week at Alan Earls contributed a piece that looks at the future of midrange legacy systems and the notion of cloud migration. Earls’ effort is posed as a question: “Is it time to migrate your midrange assets to the cloud?” He suggests that the vestigial midrangers are as hard to decipher as mainframes. That and other issues may slow any effort to move the midrange legacy to a new platform.

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