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Cloud computing to co-exist with SOA?

SOA has had at times a tough road to hoe, but it has survived and now with cloud computing architecture looming as the next big paradigm shift, SOA services stand out more than ever as the best path.

Oh, SOA, where art thou? has always tried to bring you SOA information ‘warts and all.’ That is, while we champion services architecture as the best way to move the modern software enterprise forward, we look to be objective. SOA has had a long hard journey, and survived a few near death technology experiences.

Like many a technology buzzword that came before, SOA was highly hyped and often oversold. The complexity of SOA deployment disappointed more than a few would-be SOAists in the early years – and they were by no means all of a hype-happy, naive sort. While much evidence shows that SOA has become a mainstream approach, it has had to learn to coexist with many non-services software types that still work just fine.

That SOA is now part of the fabric – that it is somewhat taken for granted – is not a bad thing. Our last SOA survey showed SOA use grew during very hard times and it is strong in both numbers using it and their relative satisfaction with their SOA experience. The low profile of SOA means that more work is getting done.

SOA has come up front and center in the latest buzzword – cloud computing. When you dissect cloud computing you discover that one, it is more than one architecture (SaaS, PaaS and IaaS, to name a few, being different breeds of cloud); and, two, cloud itself will have to coexist with a plethora of legacy system architecture for many years. The abstraction of services was intended to address this very diversity in the first days of SOA and Web services. Those who have gone down the SOA highway are now well poised to evolve into cloud computing, if it makes sense.

These days, people may use the term ”services” more than they use the term ”SOA.” But SOA is vital. It is how you work with software. If SOA, in fact, is taken for granted, that may just better go to show its enduring usefulness. The day is coming when you don’t see it, but that is only because it is everywhere. If cloud computing survives to stand on the shoulders of giants, SOA is one of them.

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