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Cloud integrations, the cloud service brokerage, PaaS and more

By Jack Vaughan


Cloud computing continued to evolve in the past year– and more such evolution is about all we can confidently expect in 2012. As with other, earlier ”game changing” technologies, much of the new frontier is familiar. Cloud momentum is slowing a bit as the real work gets underway – that is, to create useful application integrations on the cloud that are equal or superior to those already available in the data center.


One especial back-to-the future cloud experience comes via the apparent resurgence of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or the Value Added Network (VAN), now, in the cloud era, being reconfigured and renamed as the ”cloud service brokerage.” The thinking behind the cloud service brokerage is this: It is all getting kind of complicated – maybe you should consider outsourcing your integration work, especially with the new cloud platforms. Some firms will quickly decide that integration is an expertise they can outsource, others won’t. Read ”Cloud services brokerages can lead way to cloud computing.”


The cloud variety that is known as “Platform as a Service” (PaaS) experienced a shift in emphasis over the course of 2011. The open source developer community has increasingly been turning to Web-based software development tools, and that seemed like a natural fit for cloud computing. So PaaS is starting to mean both a cloud computing runtime and a cloud computing development platform.  RedHat was prominent in 2011 with this type of PaaS, but an assortment of vendors, including some big players, are in the hunt as well, not the least of which is Microsoft.  Planning and strategy for cloud computing is one of the big challenges of 2012 – check out the ”SOA and Cloud Computing Strategy Guide” for more on the topic.


Beyond cloud, a whole host of hot technologies served to enliven 2011. HTML5, TOGAF, EAI, REST and Watson (all considered elsewhere in this year-ending ”This Week” newsletter edition) will flourish or fade in the year ahead. Stay tuned to for more and have a good 2012!

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