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Complex Event Processing with streaming databases

Startup StreamBase Systems attacks the CEP space with a unique streaming database architecture that allows data records to be processed before they are stored. The company set up an exchange for CEP developers looking to share components and the like.

The specialized field of Complex Event Processing (CEP) may serve as something of a test bed for new technology that may eventually find wider use. CEP is big in national security and on Wall Street, and looking for wider application. CEP also points the way to event-driven architecture (EDA) outside the traditional SQL data realm.

StreambBase’s efforts for now are squarely targeted at security apps, where voluminous data must be quickly interpreted, and capital markets, where quick—and correct—decisions can be worth billions of dollars.

On Wall Street the push is for systems that turbocharge aggregation and pricing of financial transactions, order routing, algorithmic trading and market data management. These areas looked like losing bets in late 2008, when banks and investment houses merged under tremendous financial pressures. But apparently the sleek technology represented by CEP helped more than a few of these firms recalibrate risk and begin to climb up the financial slope again.

StreamBase avoids the familiar relational data model. Its streaming data applications allow data records to be processed before they are stored. This is described as inbound query processing, and it is especially suited for applications marked by time-series data. While its DB server is nonrelational, StreamBase looks to meet SQL professionals’ needs with its StreamSQL EventFlow, a high-level graphical event-flow language.

StreamBase’s Richard Tibbetts told that CEP and EDA are part of the company’s mission is to enable a broader group of developers to begin to work with CEP. Recent moves take this a step further.

To help developers trying to navigate this infant field, the company recently launched the StreamBase Component Exchange. It is intended to allow StreamBase developers to download and share reusable components, and to ”spark innovation in CEP through the development and sharing of applications and ideas.’’

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