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Compute cloud services cross chasm, analyst says

IT cloud services are “crossing the chasm,” argues Frank Gens of IDC. But what do enterprises want and expect from the new paradigm in software delivery?

Two distinct compute cloud offerings are emerging – cloud as IT infrastructure and cloud as software services provider – as noted by SOA Talk in any earlier blog, Forrester sees two compute clouds.

Another analyst firm, IDC, surveyed companies to find out what they expect from the growing offerings in the category of IT cloud services. In an informative three-part analysis on the IDC eXchange blog, Gens looks at the priorities of potential customers, who are crossing the chasm.

“The survey results suggest we’re entering a period of accelerating IT cloud services adoption,” Gens reports, “with the portion of organizations exhibiting significant adoption moving from 15-25% today to 25-45% in three years.”

Some of IDC’s findings are not surprising. Organizations want cloud services to be inexpensive, readily available, and as easy to get up an running on as existing Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings from innovators such as

But what may seem surprising is the willingness of IT organizations to try the wares of startup cloud services vendors.

Gens notes “when it comes to cloud services vendor selection, customers are less biased toward their large, established incumbent suppliers, and are more interested in whether the supplier is a “future-oriented innovator.”

For established vendors this means they are going to have to come up to speed quickly and demonstrate innovation to keep up with nimble startups that are on the leading edge of cloud services.

One other important qualification noted by both IDC and Forrester is the obvious requirement for security from cloud vendors.

New IBM cloud program

Focusing on compute cloud security and “resiliency,” IBM today announced a new program to certify those qualities in “companies delivering applications or services to clients in a cloud environment.”

IBM’s “Resilient Cloud Proven Validation” is designed to “accelerate the adoption of cloud computing significantly, by allowing businesses of all sizes to find a cloud
provider that fits their needs and meets stringent security and resiliency standards” the company said.

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