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Connecting Hadoop distributions to ODBC

As more enterprises set their sights on Hadoop’s capabilities, new products aim to ease Hadoop integration. Progress DataDirect’s Connect XE for ODBC driver for Hadoop Hive is an example. It boasts scalable connectivity for multiple distributions of Hadoop.

Enterprises looking to carry out additional analysis of data contained in the Hadoop-based store need a reliable connection to their existing predictive analytic and business intelligence tools. That can prove challenging, especially when dealing with multiple versions of Hadoop—distributions include Apache Hadoop, MapR Apache Hadoop, Cloudera’s distribution of Apache Hadoop and others.

“If I’m an [independent software vendor] and I want to onboard Hadoop as a supportive platform, I can either write a bunch of custom code for each specific flavor of Hadoop that I want to talk to—which has massive cost to it, massive complexity and issues related to support—or I can try to piece together some support matrix with the existing technology that’s out there for connectivity,” said Michael Benedict, vice president and business line manager, Progress DataDirect.

The company’s newest driver provides enterprises with another option. “Customers can plug in our driver under their normal code maps [to] applications that already support ODBC today, and they are able to take advantage of Hadoop for all of their customers,” Benedict explained.

The driver offers support for several common Hadoop distribution frameworks, including Apache, Cloudera, MapR, and Amazon EMR. At the same time it provides Windows, RedHat, Solaris, SUSE, AIX, and HP-UX platform support. According to Benedict, the release of this driver reflects a growing need to analyze and process big data.

“[Enterprises are] consuming, analyzing and taking action on a much larger set of data than they have in the past,” he explained. “The reason why that’s changed is that, while you could store that data in the past, you just couldn’t really do it cost effectively. Big data/Hadoop allows you to do it in a slightly more cost-effective manner. Plus you’ve got a lot of technology that’s being built around this to enable you to better monetize and take action on data.”

By offering one unified driver, Progress DataDirect says it is filling demand for better connectivity to all the major platforms supporting the major distributions of Hadoop. Set to ship at the end of October, preview access to the product is now available on a limited basis to current customers. -Stephanie Mann

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