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Cooking with APIs - Software AG SOA Link Cookbook out

Software AG has released an enhanced SOALink Cookbook, consisting of “recipes” that can be used for integration. In the spirit of the age of services, SOALink publishes APIs and info on extension points available in CentraSite ActiveSOA.
“This is the kind of work that would benefit vendors working in partnerships,” said Miko Matsumura, Vice President andDeputy CTO, Software AG. “What we have done with the Cookbook is open it up so anyone can read it and understand how the integrations fit together.”

Matsumura said best-of-breed tools technologies is increasingly key in SOA. Yet, he continued, there remains a tendency to promote single-vendor solutions.

“With in a lot of SOA projects there is a tribalism – a group of folks that have a self-interested quality, for example, a specific vendor platform interest,” he said

Using the language of software patterns architecture, he described this inclination as a tendency to promote a “single-vendor SOA anti pattern.” Matsumura maintained that Software AG’s CentraSite can act as a registry or repository that effectively coordinates the meta data between diverse products, and suggested the APIs available on the SOALink Cookbook site further that cause.

He described the SOALink Cookbook as the “recipes for building an SOA ecosystem.”

The SOALINK Cookbook can be accessed online at

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