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Does Google's new acquisition mean APIs got cooler?

What should we make of Google’s acquisition of API management solution provider Apigee? Is it the forging of a game-changing alliance? Is it a mission of mercy to save a company that, according to Suraj Kumar of Apigee’s competitor Axway, has struggled to gain traction in the market? Or is it simply an attempt by the technology behemoth to gobble up market share as fast as possible?

Whatever it is, it says something about business attitudes towards APIs. While not a huge transaction, it was a big one for Google and begs the question of why they were eager to get their hands on the company. In this space, they are lagging behind competitors like IBM, Oracle and AWS, but someone must have decided that Google had no choice but to get in on the API game for a $625 million buy-in.

Either way, it is refreshing that the value of APIs is finally garnering attention. Too many companies have doled out money for things like EDI VAN services when a simple API is capable of doing the same thing. But it seems that the promising abilities that APIs have demonstrated in connecting mobile apps, especially in the global communication space, is what has caused businesses to turn their heads.

It will be interesting to see where this partnership goes, as well as whether the prediction by Forrester analysts that the market for API management solutions will quadruple by 2020 comes true. In the meantime, maybe this can serve as a reminder to take a look at your own API management strategy.

What are your thoughts on Google’s acquisition of Apigee? Let us know with your comments.

Fred Churchville is a writer and editor for the TechTarget Application Development group. You can reach him for questions or comment at fchurchville@techtarget.com or on Twitter @TechTargetFred.

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