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Dojo for Ajax gets enterprise push from Nexaweb

Can a free open source Ajax toolkit handle enterprise applications?

That’s the question Nexaweb Technologies Inc. is hoping to answer in the affirmative with today’s announcement that it is contributing new software to the Dojo Foundation to provide the structured approach favored for enterprise Ajax development.

The software, dubbed ‘dojo.E,’ will allow developers to create enterprise Ajax, said Jeremy Chone, CTO at Nexaweb Technologies Inc., who adds that Dojo is one of the industry’s most advanced sets of open source Ajax tools.

In his view Dojo will be ready for prime time with the structure dojo.E provides and visual tooling, which he said would be the next step.

“What we’re doing is we’ve enhanced Dojo with a structural language, which is XML,” Chone explained.

Asked how this will make Dojo better suited for business applications, he said: “The business benefits of dojo.E on top of Dojo is three things. One is the code is more structured. Two, you have reusability so you can reuse the components. Three, you can have visual tooling because now that it is structured and well defined you can have visual tools to organize your Ajax.”

Tom Rhinelander, analyst, New Rowley Group, agreed that Nexaweb’s contribution to Dojo will offer developers a choice they don’t usually have in selecting open source tools for Ajax.

“Developers have often had to choose between free Ajax toolkits that delivered interactivity but didn’t make it easy to maintain the code base, and commercial or commercially-sponsored rich Internet application (RIA) toolkits that weren’t as widely accepted but made it much easier to program and maintain code,” the analyst said. “Nexaweb’s dojo.E offers developers a more structured way to develop and maintain their interactive Web apps, using an XML markup language while also leveraging the popular Dojo toolkit.”

More information on dojo.E is available at a new Website for the tools.


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