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Don't let scripting slow down your application deployment

Modern IT architectures like SOA allow and require web applications to change rapidly along with business needs. Some of the major bottlenecks to this sort of agility are configuration errors inside application deployment scripts. When an application is altered, the scripts that deploy it onto the web may need altering as well. But when nobody on the team can remember who wrote the script or what parts need to be rewritten, the downtime can cost enterprises a lot of money.

A newer breed of software is emerging that tries to take the scripting out of deploying and configuring Web applications. One vendor, Phurnace Software provides an automated framework for deploying Java EE applications. Larry Warnock, president and CEO of Phurnace, said mucking about with deployment scripts  needs to be a thing of the past.

Scripting can be a black hole for productivity. “You have to make it very specific to what you’re doing and then there is no feedback,” said Warnock. “It either works or it doesn’t and you don’t know what you did wrong.”

Phurnace is meant to mask many of the complexities of deployment parameters and configuration with a “black box” approach. One of the greatest challenges in deploying Web applications is configuring the application server and reconfiguring it when the app changes. Software like Phurnace Deliver take the hand coding out of the equation when facing these issues.

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