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ESB and more in cloud computing platform called "Stratos"

At Gartner’s AADI Summit 2010 in Los Angeles, WSO2 today discussed its recently launched “cloud middleware platform,” WSO2 Stratos 1.0, designed for implementing an enterprise SOA. The software is built on WSO2’s Carbon development platform, and it includes a host of open source middleware implementations supported by OSGi. For the purpose of cloud computing, the middleware elements are fielded as ‘services.’ Included are WSO2 Data Services as a Service, WSO2 Business Processes as a Service, WSO2 Business Rules as a Service, WSO2 Application Server as a Service, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus as a Service and more. “You get a portal that creates tenants that comprise the middleware products as services,” said Jonathan Marsh, VP Marketing, WSO2. The ESB-in-the-cloud notion seems to gain more currency as time goes by. ESBs running on the cloud were rarely discussed when 2010 began. At this point, ESBs and cloud computing are frequently part of the same discussion.

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