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For SOA vendors, healthcare industry a new gold rush?

It seems as though the healthcare industry is weathering the recession pretty well—or so it looks from what some vendors have been investing in lately. Both Oracle and Axolotl Corp. released products today at the 2010 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference.

Axolotl announced its SOA platform for the healthcare industry, dubbed Elysium Open Access. The platform connects users into the Health Information Exchange (HIE) via exposed web services. It also uses purpose-specific gateways to facilitate data communication with external systems like personal health records, immunization registries, public health organizations and other HIE organizations.

Also today, Oracle announced an enterprise healthcare analytics product for data integration and warehousing. The company says this offering will provide a foundation upon which providers can use pre-built business intelligence, analytic, data mining, and performance management applications from Oracle and its partners. Enterprise healthcare analytics integrates data from electronic medical records, clinical department systems, ERP and a number of other sources.

IBM did not have a major release for HIMSS today, but is still fresh off of its acquisition of master data management (MDM) vendor Initiate Systems, announced last month. Initiate’s specialty is maintaining data integrity for information sharing among healthcare and governmental organizations.

What all these products boil down to is making patient data more accessible throughout the healthcare system. Perhaps this has something to do with the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act – passed last year – which provides hospitals with financial incentives for the “meaningful use” of certified healthcare IT products.

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