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Fowler on Registries: Something wiki this way comes

Object expert, refactoring maven and all around software process guru Martin Fowler took a look at the notion of registries recently, particularly the notion of automated registry service look up. Martin Fowler is an eminent technologist – and like the old broker E.F. Hutton, when Martin Fowlder talks, people listen.

Fowler goes on to discuss the dreamy underpinnings of such systems, and the role humans still typically play in a process that, at the least, is fairly difficult to automate. Fowler went on further to discuss some projects afoot to design registries around human work flow. “People develop and use services, so orient it around people,” writes Fowler. He talks about the HumaneRegistry project.

So it is sounding good. We’re thinking: there is something here. He criticizes UDDI, but he is in a lot of good company.

But Fowler went on yet further to say the heart of this new-styled registry is a wiki and our heart fell in turn. Has anyone alive ever kept up with a wiki? They are tedious, like clip board lists, and they usually end up dormant.

Fowler is deep in the Agile movement – where people pledge to be good wiki citizens and so forth. Maybe the registry is a text book example of a problem that will only be solved via a happy medium of human and automaton.

HumaneRegistry –

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