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From incubator to top-level project: Evolution of Apache Deltacloud

The Apache Software Foundation recently announced that Apache Deltacloud has graduated from the Apache Incubator to become a top-level project.

“We are thrilled to have the project’s growth and maturity recognized by The Apache Software Foundation,” said David Lutterkort, chair of the Apache Deltacloud Project Management Committee and principal software engineer at Red Hat. “We’ve shown that we have made progress and that Deltacloud gets to stay. We’ve also shown that we have a strong, vibrant community.”

Deltacloud was developed over two and a half years ago in response to a concern over the infrastructure service cloud landscape. “One of the things that really struck us was that there wasn’t really a way for users to avoid vendor lock-ins,” Lutterkort said. “So we developed Deltacloud as a way to define an API within an open source project.”

After speaking with customers and vendors about the project, Lutterkort said that Deltacloud was brought to the Apache Incubator because users didn’t feel comfortable with Deltacloud only being a Red Hat project. Since then, it has gained supporters.

“While in the Incubator, the Deltacloud API evolved to the point where products can use the Deltacloud API and not have to worry about differences in cloud API,” Lutterkort claimed.

Vendors such as Amazon, GoGrid, IBM, Microsofta and Eucalyptus all have worked with Red Hat for the development of Deltacloud. David Butler, VP of marketing for Eucalyptus, views the graduation of Deltacloud as a big step for Apache.

Eucalyptus has contributed drivers that helped Deltacloud support the company. Along with the contribution by Eucalyptus, the cloud community has contributed other kinds of drivers that have made the project more versatile.

Moving forward, Deltacloud is looking at few things. “The next piece is to see it in action,” Butler said. “See how it evolves, and since it is Apache licensed, see how certain companies may include it in their products.” Aside from the products, Deltacloud is also hoping to make it easier for users as well.

“We’re looking to establish an open source de facto standard by having everyone rally around the idea of implementation,” Lutterkort said. “And we hope that the implementation will help users in becoming more portable across clouds.” – Ryan Punzalan

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