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Fsharp language: Be functional or be square

Languages are more the province of our sister site, but once and a while, languages do come up. One we hadn’t heard of in a while is F#, which is part of the .NET platform. It came up in discussion of technology trends with Nick Hines of ThoughtWorks. [See ”NoSQL, Git and more on ThoughtWorks radar”.]

Nick Hines said a move is underway to functional languages. This is driven by issues with Moore’s Law, limits with the speed boosts tomorrow’s processors can attain and the move to multicore processors. Scala and Clojure are other languages that may help abstract-up some of the threading/parallelization issues found with multicores.

Let’s face it: The functional languages have a long way to go and may never catch up with Java. Still, the biggest new thing with Java EE, say some, is the JVM’s reaching out to support more languages.  Is it with tongue and cheek that ThoughtWorks if following the following language technology trend? That is: “Java language end of life”.

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