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Gomez expands Peer performance testing network

Compuware Corp.’s  Gomez Web performance division expanded its network of “Peer” nodes by 50%. The network now encompasses more than 150 Internet backbone nodes and covers over 150,000 locations worldwide, in order to more authentically judge the consumer end-user experience of Web applications for performance tuners. Gomez Web performance testing provides detailed information about speed and availability of applications under consumer-grade computing conditions, as opposed to enterprise-grade data center computing conditions, according to the company. Testing is performed with the use of consumer-grade desktop computers that are connected to the Internet via dial-up, DSL, cable, and both high and low broadband.  The offering comes under the banner of the ”Gomez Last Mile” network, which is said to grow organically and virally. Gomez recruits “Peers” who offer the use of their computers when not in active use. Peers consist of everyday users in homes, small business, and other organizations. Gomez leverages unused processing cycles on Peer computers to run Web performance tests on customer applications.  The Gomez network provides organizations with broad geographic insight into how their Web applications are performing across the entire web application delivery chain, from the browser to the data center, said Imad Mouline, CTO, Gomez, in a statement to the press.

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