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HP builds ‘culture of governance’ for SOA

HP solidifies leadership in SOA governance with Systinet 3.0, which now covers services lifecycle, business process, and IT service management, writes analyst Dana Gardner in his blog this week.

“The newest market leading Systinet UDDI registry forms the cockpit for managing not only services, but with the newly added Business Process Execution Language (BPEL) support, takes the helm for business processes, too,” Gardner writes. “HP plans to further push the envelope on a master management value even further into IT operations and IT Service Management, as well as a PPM role with the registry.”

The addition of a configuration management database (CMDB) sets the stage for a wider “culture of governance” to emerge in enterprises, Kelly Emo, SOA product marketing manager at HP Software, tells Gardner. 

Gardner also points to a comprehensive assessment of HP’s governance products and strategies by fellow analyst Brad Shimmin posted on the Current Analysis Website.

In SOA provides a test for QA, HP finds, SearchSOA covered HPs expansion of governance to cover quality assurance. And in an earlier article, HP integrates design and runtime SOA governance, SearchSOA covered the design time / runtime integration in Systinet.

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