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HTML5 and a coming client inflection point

When people first started trotting out DHTML apps for wireless devices in the ‘90s a common mistake was to require that the app was always on, always connected. The problem was not limited to wireless devices.

Enter the asynchronous architecture. Ajax especially proved to provide just enough power to drive Web applications forward. At heart is the assumption that connectivity is not absolute.  Clients exhibit some autonomy.

As more and more software applications are delivered as Web applications, software architects are still learning the merits of the asynchronous. They are still learning and arguing the implications as the underlying tools change – one of these being HTML5.

Dion Almaer discusses HTML5, and its possible effect on computer design, in a recent blog on He suggests a more client centric design maybe near.

”A lot of code we will be rewritten and changed for ‘HTML5ication,’ which is an opportunity for a change in how things are done,” he writes in ”The march to a more client-centric Web: Will the mobile Web HTML5 and Chrome Web apps be the tipping point?” A long march and a long title that! Check it out!

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