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Highlights from TheServerSide Java Symposium

The fruits of recent Java community efforts were on display at TheServerSide Java Symposium last week in Las Vegas. There for view were the efforts of people who are maneuvering Java into the next computing era. TSS JS proved that new languages are moving on to the JVM, SOA middleware is moving forward, and the much awaited new JDK is again making progress.

Some of this good stuff is on display for folks that didn’t make it to the yearly event. You can see videos produced by the people of the TechTarget Architecture and Applications Group if you go to the Java Symposium Conference Coverage page.

At the event, the sometimes irascible but often insightful Java papa James Gosling actually had some mild praise for Oracle, the company that gained Java stewardship when it bought Sun Microsystems. In a report from JSS JS by’s Mark Fontecchio, we find Gosling giving a nod to Oracle for its work on the JDK, which had been stuck in neutral in the last days of Sun. Gosling also noted services’ and SOA’s ”bedrock” role in modern computing, while reminding, as have others, that too many services spoil the stew.

The waltz between software vendors and dedicated developers that together seek to renew Java is never quite smooth. Oracle’s ultimate intentions with Java are still under suspicion as Fontecchio reported from the event. But the JDK effort is a good first step. There will be more on the JDK as vendors and users alike push for more innovation this week at EclipseCon, which kicks off in Santa Clara, CA. We will be there too. Stay tuned.

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