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I unit test, therefore I am

Unit testing is one of the essential elements that arose along with the agile design movement. Any self respecting developer now does unit tests, or at least the developer tells the architect that unit tests were done. Clearly, signing a manifesto does not mean a developer knows how to do unit tests correctly. Unit testing may be one of the great cases of lip service, today.

With SOA, unit testing takes on a whole new tenor. Composite applications may always be in flux. The fact that an application integrator is not in charge of all SOA system elements is inescapable. [see  Application performance management today, part 3: SOA performance –]

With AJAX, unit testing takes a whole new tenor, again. AJAX – often the delivery mechanism for SOA – of course, is about more than JavaScript. Typically modern JavaScript appears as part of a framework. JavaScript is used more in environments such as DOM. Means have arisen to bring object-oriented qualities to work horse JavaScript. Now, mashups are appearing as an ultimate enterprise representation of AJAX. And unit testing of such applications is challenging.

A good look at some of the issues is provided by Nicholas C. Zakas on the Yahoo! User Interface Blog, which is all about tools and tricks from the Yahoo libraries. He discussed JavaScript Unit testing and the DOM. He discusses where functional tests outpace unit tests in AJAX undertakings.

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