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IBM re-architects SOA market strategy

IBM is ahead of the curve in providing vertical and horizontal service-oriented architecture products, but may be too far ahead of most of its customers, who are still in the early stages of SOA implementation, writes Dwight B. Davis at Ovum.

In the midst of a 100 city global tour to promote SOA for its customers, Big Blue moved to “recalibrate its marketing to better align with the early-stage guidance most SOA customers still require,” Davis writes in IBM goes back to basics with its SOA strategy.

The new strategy focuses more on the business benefits of SOA rather than the technology.

He notes that “… IBM continuously struggles to weave the many threads of its SOA narrative into a cohesive and comprehensible story. Its latest effort in this regard is to push some of the technical underpinnings to the background, while emphasizing the business value SOA has brought, and can bring, to real customers.”

Davis praises IBM for doing the best job of all the SOA vendors of coordinating software, professional services and education.

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