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If one SOA succeeds is SOA still dead? What if it succeeds and fails?

With all the blog enabled scuttlebutt ‘failed SOA,’ it is interesting to look at a SOA success story, albeit one that failed. Read on, Grasshopper!
Midwestern bank NationalCity employed a SOA-based approach to IT transformation, as described by Joe McCartin, executive vice president and CIO, NationalCity. The application renewal journey was ultimately failed, however, in that the global credit crunch overtook NationalCity, leading to a U.S. Government-forced merger in late October with PNC Financial Services Group.

Said a somewhat sardonic McCartin, “SOA will not get you government funding.”

But he can point to SOA value: Two years into the effort, at the end of Q2 2008, by McCartin’s estimates, the group had constructed 166 services that were leveraged 376 times. Service leverage was estimated in terms of cost avoidance, reuse. Application Residency [a measure of applications employing common technology assets] tripled in two years, even as transaction volume grew at 55%. 

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