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Is now the time for enterprise mobile application development?

Are enterprises jumping on the mobile application bandwagon? The answer may depend on who you ask. StackMob’s CEO Ty Amell says yes. So much so his company recently engaged in several partnerships in order to bolster its offerings towards the market segment.

Tom Nolle, president of strategic consulting firm CIMI Corp., is skeptical. “I would say this [enterprises adopting mobile applications] is still very much in its infancy,” said Nolle, who believes enterprises are becoming more interested in what he refers to as “point of activity empowerment.” He used this term to describe users getting information they need via a mobile device quickly, whenever, wherever.

What could be fueling this movement? Nolle believes companies, not as an objective, are moving towards a mobile environment. “Companies are trying to make workers more productive and in their drive to do so, they are certainly more than willing to consider adopting practices that are mobile specific,” said Nolle.

Amell’s company is betting on geolocation, custom analytics, and distribution functions to be big with clients. Could such feature adoption be necessary to forge ahead? Nolle isn’t sold, saying the benefits of things like geolocation are highly dependent on the type of organization.

The fact that there isn’t a lot out there for mobile at this time, might be what is ultimately hindering adoption. “The challenge for companies at this point is that there is no convenient way to integrate mobile devices into their current application and worker empowerment practices because the mobile devices of today don’t consistently expose their features though browsers so that they are accessible applications,” Nolle said.

“What we are seeing is that an improved coupling of device features through the browser rather than custom APIs is making mobile device information more accessible, that is facilitating the development of fusion apps and that is probably going to be the driver to expansion and point of activity empowerment.”

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