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Java Symposium keynote video - Oracle's David Shaffer on the SOA and the layers of the cloud

At TheServerSide Java symposium this year, excitement about hooking SOA into cloud computing abounds. In his keynote, “Application Grids and SOA,” Oracle VP of product management David Shaffer talked about the three major sub-components of cloud computing.

Infrastructure as a Service, comprising mostly hardware and storage, he said provides a base platform for the cloud. Driven in many ways by Amazon’s EC2 offering, IaaS is not exactly new but becoming very mature, he said. The next layer up,  Platform as a Service, is a bit newer on the scene and many vendors are just getting started. Shaffer said while there are many providers are starting to bundle platform components into new products, some companies are using this approach internally “to create more dynamic data centers.” Shaffer said the third layer, Software as a Service, can blend the two together and even be service oriented.

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