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JavaOne 2013: Azul System's debuts OpenJDK-based Zulu for Windows Azure

Azul Systems and Microsoft Open Technologies announced Wednesday at JavaOne its Java Development Kit (OpenJDK)-based Zulu for Windows Azure. The community-driven open source Java implementation promises to offer developers more options and streamline application development, according to George Gould, Azul Systems vice president of marketing and business development.

Why should Java developers be excited about this development? Zulu is an open source offering that is Java SE 7 compliant.

“In the past, there hasn’t been a fully-certified Java virtual machine based on open source that is supported by a commercial entity like Azul,” Gould said. “What this really provides Java developers with is the confidence that when they build a Java application that they want to run in the Azure cloud, there is an open source product available that has commercial support.”

Another key benefit to Zulu is its ability to simplify application development.

“There is an integrated development environment that Azure offers developers to streamline the application deployment process,” Gould said. “You can go through an almost a drag-and-drop experience of taking an application and deploying it in the Window Azure environment.”

Azul Systems will be leveraging the Stack Overflow website as a forum for Java developers using Zulu to share tips, ticks and suggestions. “This isn’t just about developing a product, it’s about creating and embracing a community,” Gould said.

What makes the offering even more desirable for Java developers is the fact that the new offering can be downloaded for free.

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