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Joe McKendrick and the SOA experience

SOA and middleware over the last few years have proved to be areas full of both innovation and debate. Add the resurgence of BPM and you have a potent mix for any one publication to cover. That’s just one of the reasons we at are glad to be working alongside the crew from, which joined the TechTarget Application Development Media Group in March. Many of the contributors will be familiar to readers. The site is particularly notable for the vivid presence of Joe McKendrick, one of SOA’s more notable pundits. His work is always worth a look-see and read.

In May McKendrick wrote about a variety of hot SOA topics. He discussed the ”Nine great unsolved mysteries of SOA.” Despite its long track record, SOA seems to still evoke consternation and confusion. Measuring SOA success, writes McKendrick, continues to be problematic. Do collections of Web services constitute a SOA? If SOA is not a ”product,” what incentive is there for vendors to continue to promote it? Who pays for SOA? These are just some of the questions McKendrick addresses.

McKendrick’s work on ebizQ includes pointers to ‘best Web’ pieces that should not be missed. Take for example his item on F5 Networks’ Lori MacVittie’s observations on the difference between portability and mobility in PaaS integrations.

In May, McKendrick’s SOA in Action blog featured an extended interview with IBM’ Steve Mills, who heads up Big Blue’s software business. This is something of a scoop. While others are running from the SOA tag, Mills is standing firm. Yet he has the objectivity to place SOA in the context of many years of technology evolution. Read ”IBM’s Steve Mills: IT is ready for the coming transformation.”

As we finish our roundup of some of McKendrick’s recent work, let’s include his own “SOA Roundup” of other ebizQ notables that appeared in May. These include David Linthicum on SOA and cloud computing, Peter Schoof on PaaS, and Michael Poulin on the ”Service-Oriented Enterprise.” Check it out.

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