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Limelight is now on enterprise mobile application development

Enterprise mobile applications are stepping into the spotlight, seriously catching the eyes of clients looking to gain more insight into their consumers, according to StackMob, a cloud-based backend for mobile applications.

“We’ve seen a drastic upset over the last few months in terms of enterprise clients,” said StackMob’s CEO Ty Amell. “I think you are seeing the shift of enterprise from discovery mode to more of a buying mode.”

The company recently joined forces with Keen IO, GeoLoqal, and Carrot, Inc., to meet the needs of the burgeoning market. Keen IO specializes in helping developers build custom analytics while GeoLoqal allows for geolocation functionality. Carrot is designed to facilitate distribution.

Amell said the move was made in response to feedback StackMob was receiving from its developer ecosystem both in retail and enterprise. The three main issues, he said, that have been echoed across the board are those the aforementioned companies cater to.

“It’s really important for any business to understand what their funnel looks like and a custom analytics mechanism, like Keen, will allow you to do that,” said Ammell. “That is what we’ve heard the most, the ability to keep track of and understand their funnel. There are a lot of services out there for the Web, but not a lot out there for mobile.”

Geolocation is a way for merchandisers to better reach, and understand, consumers on the fly. “If you are retailer X and you know someone is in a mall that has one of your stores, and if you know they like you, why not give them a message and entice them to come into the store to buy something?” said Amell. “That is a lot of the geo stuff we are seeing.”

Another area many companies are struggling with is distribution. If you think about the number of applications there are, standing out and being chosen can be an uphill battle for any developer, said Amell.

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