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Looking back: SOA Talk in 2016

As we get closer to the year’s end, let’s take a look at some of most popular topics we’ve covered on SOA Talk in 2016. Based on your readership, here are the top five most popular posts this year:

#1: There’s something about HTML5…

Our top SOA Talk blog post this year took a look at HTML5 as it was celebrating its official one year anniversary, mainly asking the question: What makes HTML5 so great? It’s by no means a perfect language, as there are still questions about how much security HTML5 can provide and its usability for platforms like Android. But advocates still claim that it is part of the world’s movement towards combining web apps and smart devices.

#2: Did APIs kill enterprise middleware?

You could consider this post the obituary for traditional software-based enterprise middleware. Here we explore the thoughts and feelings around the industry when it comes to traditional middleware in the era of APIs, including what prompted OpenLegacy CEO Romi Stein to publish “An Ode to Middleware.” This post also explores why companies have a hard time accepting the reality of traditional middleware’s demise and hold on tightly to their existing middleware infrastructure.

#3: How Zendesk sidesteps Silicon Valley’s tech talent crunch

It’s tough to find tech talent in the Valley. Tough competition in San Francisco for an elite class of qualified software engineers has led companies like Zendesk to adopt a distributed engineer approach that spans the globe. It’s not the easiest approach, but here we explore how Zendesk makes it work and how it is helping them survive the talent shortage.

#4: Why the election should have you thinking about aPaaS

One of the themes that were consistently trumpeted during this year’s presidential election was demand for change. This post takes a look at why it’s important for developers to think about what they can do to instill real change within their organization with the applications that they create. We explore how free application development platforms and tools can help make this change happen and why some developers may not be comfortable doing this.

#5: Microservices: The new documentation nightmare?

As developer and writer Tom Nolle pointed out in his piece on microservices management, microservices are great – provided they are managed correctly. Otherwise, they can be a real problem. Whether they are already on their way or just starting their journey to microservices, one of the things developers will have to think about is how well their documentation keeps up with new styles and new rates of development. This post takes a look at why microservices can create a documentation nightmare and the tools developers should look to for help.