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Looking for SOA worst practices

We’ve got a new reader contest at It involves the very thing our readers tell us they most want to hear, yet it’s what they least want to talk about.

It’s worst practices, which are always fascinating when it’s someone other than you. We love other peoples’ pain … our own, not so much. Yet the demand is such that we figure some of you out there are willing to sound a warning for your colleagues out there. Users are hitting the majority adoption phase of SOA and they’re rightfully nervous about the potential pitfalls. Plus we figure part of the tale has to be how you corrected the mistake since people normally fix a mistake once they realize they’ve made one. Mac Daddy and Daddy Mac from Kris Kross don’t still wear they’re clothes backwards.

Anyway, for those interested, here are the contest details. Winners will get a free copy of SOA: Principles of Service Design by SOA guru and site expert Thomas Erl.

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