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MicroFocus buys Borland and part of Compuware

By Jack Vaughan
Packing a one-two punch, Cobol and mainframe modernization specialist MicroFocus today said it will acquire Borland for about $75 million in cash at the same time it buys Compuware’s testing and quality assurance software business for about $58 million in cash.

In a statement, MicroFocus estimated that Borland achieved revenues of $172 million last year, while the Compuware Testing and ASQ Business achieved revenues of $74 million, in the twelve month period ending March 31.

The move clearly extends MicroFocus’ position in the software quality and application life cycle management market. Development stalwart Borland struggled in recent years as it launched multiple acquisitions and sought to transform from a desktop developer favorite into a broad-range application life-cycle software provider. The assets MicroFocus buys from Compuware include the former NuMega testing software line.

Analyst Dana Gardner suggests Compuware’s “Quality” portfolio divestiture leaves it more room to pursue modernization efforts in healthcare and other government IT environments.

Funny thing though, MicroFocus, which scooped up Borland and the quality/test portion of Compuware, is best known as a modernization concern.

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