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Monash on things that underly surge of Big Data

The end of the conventional RDB and birth of new DB types has been heard before, but the established RDB has usually won out. Early this year I’d asked Curt Monash, president of Monash Research, and editor and publisher of DBMS2 and other blogs for some guidance on what is new in data and the cloud.

There is something new afoot, he advised.  More applications have larger analytic components.

“For decades, there has been a split between transactional processing and analytical processing, and the split is widening in some ways now because of the volume of the data,” said Monash.

“For a number of reasons we are looking at a new generation of DBMSs,” said Monash. “Public and private cloud are just two of the reasons.”

There are new opportunities for new DB tools because there are DB tools now that apply more effectively to new use cases, Monash indicated.

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