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More BPM consolidation as products grow in scale

With all of the recent acquisitions and releases, the Business Process Management (BPM) industry is evolving quickly.

Just this week, Pegasystems said it would buy Chordiant for $161.5 million, adding Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to its bag of tricks. Known for its rules-driven aptitude for process automation, Pega could now incorporate Chordiant’s features in optimizing a company’s experiences with customers.

Also this week, Progress Software announced a new Responsive Process Management Suite, effectively merging its BPM, Business Transaction Management, and Complex Event Processing offerings into one big box. Progress likes to tout the human-centric experience and automation features, but perhaps more interesting is the Progress Control Tower. The whole suite can be plugged into a sort of global dashboard that monitors all of the underlying processes in realtime and provides tools to deal with various events.

“It’s really like realtime [business intelligence] added into business processes,” said John Bates, CTO, Progress Software. “Where it’s exciting is by aligning complex event processing you can then change the course of your business processes.”

The idea here is to have a dashboard monitoring the processes in an application. Certain events can trigger notifications which then let the user modify a business process mid-stream, if necessary.

Progress bought BPM vendor Savvion in January and has wasted little time in pulling pieces of the technology into its own offerings. Bates said the acquisition has given Progress even more tooling for industry-specific verticals, as well as support for more BPM usage patterns.

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