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New service governance tool from Layer 7

At Gartner’s 22nd Annual Application Architecture, Development & Integration Summit this week, Layer 7 released a new service governance tool, the Enterprise Service Manager (ESM). Traditionally a company focused on SOA security, Layer 7’s new offering allows teams of developers to manage web service policies across a variety of environments from a central location.

Philip Walston, VP of development and product management at Layer 7, said the ESM came from customers that were implementing SOA on a fairly broad scale. Some would have services spread across multiple geographic and technical environments and even the cloud.

“Traditional network management tools of the world are very good at doing element level management surveillance, and in some cases application level,” said Walston. “What they’re not good at it is the service level.”

The ESM discovers and resolves external dependencies and facilitates service migration from a high level vantage point. The idea, Walston said, is to be able to migrate services and policies from development environment to a test environment – perhaps in the cloud – and then to staging and production, without needing a separate platform.

The ESM will be embedded inside the Layer 7 Secure Span Gateway and is generally available now.

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