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Olofson on ODBs

There are a variety of caching techniques to be considered in grid, cloud and other types of distributed computing architecture for analytics.  Among these, the object data base can show some advantages said Carl W. Olofson, Research Vice President, IDC. In fact, some of the early object data base companies are positioning their wares for cloud computing.

“It is definitely an alternative in some data caching uses, particularly those where you need to share the data across a wide variety of systems, and especially where there are long running transactions involved,” said Olofson.

With the ODB technique, a Java developer, for example, can embed the interaction of the code and the data and use the natural functions in the Java language to create the application, Olofson noted.

Some viewers may be skeptical of an ODB resurgence – in the 1990s, object data bases were often touted as an alternative to relational bases, and they never found nearly as much use. But today’s ODB survivors are more likely to be muted in their pronouncements.  ODBs for new distributed apps are likely to be called supplements to RDBs and data caches in special cases.

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