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On App modernization, cloud computing and mashups

Key areas for application development and projects that use service-oriented architecture (SOA) include application modernization, cloud computing and enterprise data mashups. Today we take a second look at some recent content that explores these issues.

A little while ago, we had the great pleasure of hosting a chapter excerpt from modernization mavens William M. Ulrich and Philip H. Newcomb. If you want a quick view on modernization pitfalls and strategies, their book on systems transformation is an excellent place to start. Meanwhile, some other of our recent coverage on this topic has been aggregated in our special report on mainframe application modernization.

Cloud computing on one level is a variation on grid computing, a technology this site began to cover about 10 years ago. APIs are where the pedal meets the metal in the cloud, and we looked at these in a Cloud API mini-roundup a while back. Meanwhile, the data requirements of today’s cloud projects appear to be quite novel, and they are the area of interest for quite a few services architects these days. Last week,’s James Denman uncovered some useful resources on the graph database, one of the extra tools in the NoSQL movement which is poised as an alternative to the traditional relational database in cloud and other apps.

It wasn’t too long ago that EAI and SOA pioneer David Linthicum discussed Web data services and distributed computing with us. Sometimes the rush to cloud belies the role services play. Linthicum’s discussion is an antidote to that. Also, after a bit of hiatus, expert Michael Ogrinz has checked in with a very interesting look at data mashups that employ government data services. It is another take on the emerging realm of data services, discussing tools and techniques and using a ready example.

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