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On Erl's growing body of SOA work

As many SOA practitioners have discovered over the years, when team leaders and members are looking for a starting place, a refresher or a general reference on SOA, the library of Thomas Erl is a good choice.

His recent book on SOA governance, for example, brings together the work of important thought leaders, who provide perspectives on governance – no doubt one of the essential aspects of true SOA. The new book discusses the ways of creating ground rules for services sharing.

To find out more about SOA governance issues, recently spoke with book editor Erl as well chapter author Anne Thomas Manes. They discussed things learned while composing the book, including the trending adoption curve of SOA governance, so-called Agile governance and the looming governance tasks of cloud computing. Check out their Q&A on SOA governance.

As a key figure in the development of SOA, Thomas Erl’s work has often graced’s pages. His writing is essential in that it has come to characterize many of the best practices of SOA field workers. That means effective strategies for SOA governance policy, practical patterns for sizing and sharing of services, and more. As we noted before, these are useful as references. Many services’ first principles have stood the test of time.

As examples of how ”the fundamental rules apply” check out Erl’s earlier work on, including his work on the Service Facade pattern that kicked off a series of SOA Patterns of the Week and the groundbreaking SOA Advisor series that looks at Business analysis and SOA.

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