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Oracle Open World speaker, Luis Weir, focuses on what matters: the customer

Luis Weir, book author and director of Oracle Solutions at HCL tech, will be a speaker at Oracle Open World. An expert on innovative management, he spoke with me about the challenges that organizations have faced this year and the strategies to turn them to their advantage. His main argument: “You’ve got to be able to understand your customer. They have to understand your products.” Simple enough. Yet, Weir argues that many organizations overlook this basic truth. Many hurry to build APIs, to offer Web services, to migrate to the cloud, to capitalize on the newest trend, without stopping to consider what the end result will mean for the end user.

The cloud is a prime example of a technological phenomenon that has enormous potential, but also presents significant challenges when adopted too quickly. “The enterprise is all about rapid adoption. It’s all about reduced cost. It’s all about accelerated time to market. And the cloud is seen as one of the enablers to achieve this business goal,” says Weir. For this reason, some organizations rush to migrate to the cloud without necessarily being ready to do so. Weir outlined HCL Tech’s role in this issue: “We have to help them come up with information strategies that allows them to prepare all values required to move to the cloud. For example, how to understand what data they have, how to consolidate data, how to migrate their data once they’re ready to move to the cloud and most importantly, how to define a cloud integration strategy to avoid an accidental cloud.”  Weir believes that, in order to master these integration challenges, organizations will inevitably turn to SOA and governance solutions: “Cloud integration and SOA is going to be a major trend when cloud adoption starts picking up more.”

Weir observed that it all came down to information management, a process that is helped or hindered by the quality of an organization’s business processes. “In this challenging time, companies are looking for creative ways to optimize their business processes,” he explained. Many of HCL’s customers are making an effort to consolidate their operations so they “are centralized in a more strategic way, one that really models the enterprise.” It seems that the main take-away is that organizations keep an eye on both the micro and the macro of their initiatives. Any exciting new movement – whether it be APIs or mobile apps or the cloud – needs to be considered in the context of the organization and its customers. As Weir puts it, “What is the point of having a fantastic API or a fantastic Web service if the information that you’re presenting me with is poor quality?”

Let us know what you think about the challenges of cloud migration and early adoption. 

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