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Oslo - What it is

Someday, maybe too not soon, Oslo will cease to be whatever someone wants it to be. In other words, Microsoft will disclose enough about the Oslo marchitecture for a consensus of people to decide what it is. Fortunately, Don Box is blogging a bit and we’ll get a bit more inkling.

The early take was that Oslo is a tool. That is okay; everything is a tool in this part of the world. The second take was that Oslo is a repository. Okay, again. Usually by the time a repository is done – if ever – people have forgotten what the orignial question was .

As we get nearer to Microsoft PDC, it seems that Oslo is a language too. The word comes from Microsoft architect Don Box, among others. Being on the Oslo team means there is a pretty good chance Don can answer the Oslo questions – or some of them.

Box blogs:

… we’ve built a language that makes it natural to express models in text, which is medium that a lot of people (especially developers) feel comfortable with. Visual design surfaces are another medium a lot of people feel comfortable with, so we’ve built a design tool for working with the same information our text-centric friends produce and consume.

Even though we’re building a new language and tool, this is very much a platform play. That is, we’re making all of that modeling information that you either typed or drew available in a relational database at runtime.

Box goes on to say the Oslo team has looked at ways of building applications purely out of data. Could Oslo be VB on steroids?

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