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Pre-modernization assessment imperative for successful application modernization

Organizations have heard it time and time again; application modernization can yield significant cost-savings. Just because business leaders have this fact drilled into their head doesn’t mean they know how to go about the process.

A cost-saving legacy migration and modernization project entails more than just putting a Band-Aid on old applications. Some experts say a pre-modernization assessment is a critical early step that can’t be overlooked.

Karen Tegan Padir, Progress Software’s CTO, says organizations want to conduct the assessment and create an action plan. “A modernization assessment tells you where the bottlenecks, traps, things most problematic when you are trying to move to the cloud or trying to move to a software as a service application,” she said.

Ovum IT Associate Analyst Margaret Goldberg, who researches application modernization trends, concurs. She said it’s important for organizations to take a step back and review what they’ve done and where they are looking to go. By conducting a thorough assessment, she said organizations will have a better idea of what components should be preserved and which aren’t necessary.

The careful planning can also make it easier for organizations to meet future needs. “The modernization doesn’t necessarily mean you are just going to run in the cloud now,” Tegan Padir said. “It’s the ability to have a modern app that can run and be deployed wherever you want to deploy it whether that be in the cloud or on-premises.”

Did your organization conduct a pre-modernization assessment before engaging in application modernization? If so, what did you learn?

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While serious modernization can certainly save costs, e.g., in the ease of modification and the use of leveraged tools such as BPM and BRM, I think the underrecognized big economic impact of modernization is in opportunity.  While companies will bemoan the projected cost of modernization comparing it to current maintenance expenditures, that cost can easily be dwarfed by the economic impact of broader market, greater competitiveness, and selling new services to existing customers.  Thus, the importance of the premodernization assessment is often to identify these opportunities since they will provide the justification for the budget in a way that mere cost-saving may not.
Thanks, tamhas. You bring up a good point!
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