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Red Hat gets more modular with JBoss server update

With JBoss World happening in Chicago this week, Red Hat is on the move. The first big news item to surface is the release of the JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) 5.0. This major upgrade, in addition to strengthening cloud computing capabilities, will make use of a service-based microcontainer architecture.

When they first arrived, Java application servers were seen as highly modular. Times have changed, and modularity today means something a bit different. Red’s rev of the JBoss server allows for services to be separated from the core runtime engine for a boost in configurability. It also allows for a wider variety of programming and component models, including: Spring Framework, OSGi, Java EE, Google Web Toolkit and POJOs.

JBoss says it aims to enable EAP 5.0 for use with Red Hat Enterprise Linux on Amazon EC2. This will likely give enterprises a pretty strong open-source option for Java EE servers running in the cloud. More to come.

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