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Red Hat’s JBoss open source ’superplatform’ - Burton

Red Hat’s is transforming JBoss middleware into a “superplatform” providing an open source alternative to commercial offering from IBM WebSphere, Oracle, and SAP, writes Chris Hadad, analyst with Burton Group.

While the JBoss feature set does not yet match the big vendors, the Burton analyst writes: “For organizations that need excellent support services, but do not need the full complement of superplatform features, JBoss Enterprise Middleware is an excellent platform for production environments large and small.”

JBoss is already in use in organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), Hadad writes in “JBoss Enterprise Middleware: Open Source Superplatform,” a research report published this month by Burton.

“For example,” the analyst writes, “about 20% of developers who use JBoss Enterprise in production are employed by Fortune 500 or Global 2000 companies. In addition, components of JBoss Enterprise Middleware are used frequently by SMBs in customer-facing and mission-critical applications. 70% of developers who say they use JBoss Enterprise Middleware in production systems are employed by SMBs.”

In a case study snippet, he notes that “Continental Airlines deploys JBoss AS on 24 dual-processor servers for its Ticket Reissue and Traveler Alert systems.”

Since acquiring JBoss in 2006, Red Hat has done a good job of assembling the components that put JBoss on a near equal footing with the middleware offerings from the major vendors, Hadad argues.

He notes that Red Hat’s Middleware Business Unit has added three new product offerings: JBoss Developer Studio, JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform, and MetaMatrix Enterprise Data Services Platform (the result of the April 2007 acquisition of MetaMatrix).

Craig Muzilla, vice president of Red Hat’s Middleware Business Unit, discussed the evolution of JBoss with SearchSOA in an interview at JavaOne.

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