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Reporter's Notebook: Push and pull in software development

Newton’s Law seems at times to play out in the IT shop. It seems every action in software development seems to create an equal reaction. The thought arises as we look over notes from earlier this summer when we spoke with Shridar Mittal, CEO, ITKO.

Mittal told us that, yes, SOA actually is getting adopted out there, that as a result applications are now very integrated and that the work on these apps is more often distributed across multiple teams.

Most especially, “the expectation of the number of releases per year has gone up greatly,” he said.

Greater componentization has reduced development time, but it is more difficult to reduce test time.  That is where the equal reaction comes in. Development time is down but bugs, test provisioning and deployment time are up.

Mittal not surprisingly sees a stronger play for iTKO’s test simulation software in SOAs. There is much integration testing to do, as moving integration testing earlier in the process remains “easier said than done.” He also sees recent inroads in cloud computing as a way for testers to catch up with developers.

Joining Mittal in conversation was Walter Falk, business development executive with IBM’s corporate strategy team.  Falk said testing and development is “by far the largest workload on the cloud” at this time.  Certainly, more immediate provisioning is part of the appeal there.

Earlier this year, iTKO and IBM announced an effort to combine iTKO  LISA software with IBM Global Business Services consulting to speed application deployment either on-premise or in a cloud. “With what we have done with iTKO we are able to reduce the cycle time, and make [testing] resources available at any point in time,” said Falk.

Test virtualization and validation in the cloud should get a real workout as part of another iTKO alignment. Last week, the company said it would integrate its LISA software within the U.S. Department of Defense’s Forge.MIL software and service provider community sites.

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